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We support higher education public policies, in order to strengthen and stimulate the scientific development, promote access to information and deliver solutions to the academic community aligned with their needs.

In this scenario, we modernized the infrastructure of the Periodicals Portal upon the request by the Coordination for Improvement of Higher Level Personnel (Capes).

By December 2017, the total number of accesses to the Periodicals Portal was over 1 billion. In addition to the technology provided by RNP, the Periodicals Portal uses the Web Conference service to offer online training and provides the CAFe service for remote access to content signed by Capes.


Easier remote access to high quality scientific content


About 40 thousand scientific periodicals available for digital access.


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“I was surprised by the tools Capes offers to improve the researchers, both the training and the different devices available on the portal. In addition to facilitating my current research a lot, it gives me the opportunity to produce many more. It saves time, facilitates access and encourages me to produce even more”

Patrick Ferreira
Master´s Degree in Education by Universidade Metodista de São Paulo (Umesp)


“Remote access, whether via CAFe or Capes, is great, providing agility and optimization of the research time. The courses offered by the Portal are also extremely useful for me, as I can't always go to the university and the Program library. I can't imagine myself doing research or science without this feature”

Mara Christina Vilas Boas
PhD student at Lorem Ipsum

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