Public Radio and TV Exchange Network 


Exchange digital content among radios and TVs

Rede de Intercâmbio de Rádios e TVs públicas

Developed under the coordination of RNP and installed in a server structure mounted on the Ipê network, RITVRP provides exchange of digital content among the units of the Brazilian Communication Company (EBC) and between them and the university TVs, which enables higher financial gain and production time.

Since 2009, RITVRP operates with headquarters at EBC, related to the Presidency of the Republic, forming a domain with servers installed in the associates Funtelpa (PA), IRDEB (BA), TV Brasil São Luis (MA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) , São Paulo (SP) and Brasília (DF), in addition to having a server (storage) in the RNP Internet Data Center (IDC) in Brasília. This group of partners forms the “TV Brasil’ domain.

Others benefit from the use of the exchange service, such as the university TV network, with 20 broadcasters in different Brazilian cities, which compose ITVU (Content Exchange in University TVs) domain. TV Escola, Universidade Telemedicina Network (Rute) and the Brazilian Association of University TVs (ABTU) are also user networks.

Currently, there are five domains, more than 50 servers installed, with over 15,000 content units stored and over 60,000 content exchange operations done since then.




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