What is the Hackers do Bem program and why will it revolutionize cybersecurity in Brazil?

“Phishing”, “ransomware”, “malware”, “vulnerabilities”, “risks”... These are some of the terms with which, even in 2023, companies and managers are still not so familiar. According to the Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 survey, by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Accenture, only 27% of business leaders believe they are prepared for cyber attacks. However, while areas of security are still developing, threats remain rapidly evolving. 

Information security requires professionals to constantly learn and be able to adapt to new technologies, solve new problems and foresee new risks. While attackers only need to find a loophole, cybersecurity professionals have to protect and monitor end-to-end systems. Therefore, this is an area full of opportunities, with great potential for growth.  

In Brazil alone, according to data from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)², we have at least 300,000 unfilled vacancies in the cybersecurity area. In this context, the Hackers do Bem program was born, which works on several fronts to revolutionize the security area in the country, fostering the ecosystem with creative solutions and connecting professionals ready to work in cybersecurity with opportunities in the most different market niches. The program has the National Education and Research Network and Senai-SP as executors in Softex's Priority National Innovation Program (PPI), with resources from the ICT Law. 

Quality training with the seals of Senai and Escola Superior de Redes 

One of Hackers do Bem's proposals is to reduce the gap between vacancies and trained professionals in cybersecurity. Therefore, the program will offer learning opportunities for at least 30,000 students to become professional free of charge.   

Training is open to technical, secondary and higher education students, technology professionals seeking specialization and professionals looking to migrate to another area. Hackers do Bem aims to develop human resources in cybersecurity, therefore, it is not necessary to have experience to enroll in training.  

The program has five mapped paths: the leveling, basic, fundamental, specialized courses and the technological residency. The training will be completely online. Hackers do Bem's virtual learning platform will feature video classes, quizzes, animations, live classes and theoretical and practical exercises using simulators.  

Registration will open soon and registration of interest can be done on the website hackersdobem.rnp.br.  

Support for innovation projects and research in the area of cybersecurity: New solutions to combat cybercriminals 

Another front of Hackers do Bem is support for innovation projects. The program will open calls for RD&I projects in cybersecurity, so that research laboratories and startups develop new products and services. Some of the areas of interest are: cloud computing security, encryption, attack prevention and detection, threat intelligence, personal data privacy and governance, and access and identity management. RNP will also make its experimentation services - testbeds - available for the project evaluation stages.  

In addition, with the purpose of connecting different actors in the innovation ecosystem, events will be held for students and professionals. Cybersecurity competitions based on attack and defense scenarios are planned, in addition to hackathons for the development of practical projects in security and annual workshops aimed at educators, with the aim of promoting the definition of training references undergraduate courses, lato sensu graduate courses and professional master's degrees in cybersecurity. 

Connecting all actors in the ecosystem: Hackers do Bem National Cybersecurity Hub 

Hackers do Bem intends, above all, to build a National Cybersecurity Hub, whose goal is to strengthen the Brazilian ecosystem. The Hub will be a place with interaction and integration between institutions, government, regulators, developments, companies, startups, students and associations, contributing to Brazil having a strong and innovative cybersecurity industry, at a high level and retaining talent.  

From teaching to practice, to the connection between opportunity and recent graduates, Hackers do Bem is a program that aims to revolutionize the cybersecurity area in Brazil, by addressing the topic taking into account its depth. Education, practice, innovation and connection are some of the words that can define the initiative. 

The impact of Hackers do Bem for the country is great. The program directly contributes to the problem of the shortage of professionals in cybersecurity in the market. The training will allow new professionals specialized in different economic and social sectors in the country to work, resulting in safer products and services. The innovation front of the Hackers do Bem program also aims to contribute to strengthen the industry and feed the production of knowledge in this sector that grows year after year.

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