Startup trades mobile web conferencing tool to improve online cooperation

- 17/08/2016

Mconf is a web conferencing system allowing real-time communication between several individuals with audio, video, presentation and other contents sharing. The tool was developed with Brazilian technology, cooperating with international community, and can be used in corporate meetings, distance education and broadcast events on the web. The startup proposal offers accessible and customizable video-cooperation services and products, academic network and educational and research institutions.

The idea was first presented in 2010, at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in a Working Group coordinated by Valter Roesler and funded by the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP). “The tool will be used to improve a deficiency in video and audio communication in Brazil. There was a very large dependence on foreign software, which are very expensive, or applications with quality and stability limitations”, says the researcher. Mconf is protected by the Brazilian Industrial Property Institute (INPI) as software, in coownership between RNP and UFRGS, since the second semester of 2015.

Based on the open code system Big Blue Button, Mconf presents some advantages like presentation with whiteboard, shared notes and sessions that can be recorded for later access. The tool can be integrated into any web platform and already has integration plugins for Moodle and other virtual learning environments. In addition, the system can take the visual identity of the company and be customized to comply with a specific need of the organization.

According to the incorporator of the licensed company to trade the tool, a Mconf Tecnologia, Felipe Cecagno, although it was initially designed for remote meetings, the tool is a very flexible solution and easily adapts to different usage scenarios. “There are numerous cases where Mconf can help an organization to save time or financial resources. Whether it is a working meeting with distributed team or a PhD examination board with a visiting professor from across the world, Mconf allows seamless communication and quality”, he emphasizes.

The business analyst of RNP, Henrique Ferraz, states that Mconf is an example of Brazilian latest technology, developed within the academy, with RNP funding which now is enjoyed by the society. “The role of RNP as an articulator of skills has brought innovation indicators for the institution, regarding the treatment of intellectual property generated and conducting these technological results with business potential for the market, as is the case of Mconf”, he points out.

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