RUTE/RNP participates in a telehealth regulation in the country event

- 10/06/2022

On 6/2, the national coordinator of the University Telemedicine Network (RUTE/RNP), Luiz Ary Messina, participated in one of the roundtables for the launch of the Telessaúde Brasil initiative, which regulates the practice in the country. At the event held by the Ministry of Health (MS), the leader of the department, Marcelo Queiroga, and the substitute Minister of Communications, Maximiliano Martinhão, were present.

"The use of information technologies will bring about a true revolution in the health system. We are entering the new era of technology with firm footing [...] This represents more access, more efficiency, more effectiveness. It is the SUS in the palm of the hands of our more than 210 million Brazilians", stated Queiroga, who, at the time, signed GM/MS Ordinance No. 1,348, regulating telehealth in Brazil.

Another ordinance (Nº 1.355 - UBS Digital) signed during the ceremony ensures the investment of BRL 14.8 million for the structuring and computerization of Basic Health Units (UBS) in more than 323 municipalities across the country.

With this investment, the units will be able to expand distance services and implement the necessary tools for this, such as electronic medical records, internet connection, information systems and other resources. Thus, UBSs will be able to provide, for example, telediagnosis, teleconsultation and teleconsultation with specialists.

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