RUTE Panorama in relation to the actions for combat to Covid-19

- 19/02/2021

While the pandemic of the new coronavirus is still a reason for fear, isolation and alertness, actions around the world focus on identifying and providing solutions for the public health. For more than a year, doubts about the ways to combat and prevent have been on the agenda in the society, in public bodies, and especially, among the healthcare professionals.

Because of this demand, in March 2020, the Special Interest Group SIG COVID19 BR was created by the University Telemedicine Network (RUTE) as emergency. Since its first meeting, the group has provided the debate and the exchange of experience between the main involved actors, both Brazilian and foreign, before the pandemic, in a way to deepen study and practice.

How SIG Covid-19 Brasil works
SIG COVID19 BR is provided by the Web Conference service. The virtual sessions address different subjects about coronavirus, aiming not only at its deepening and research, but the interaction between the reality lived by the healthcare professionals in different countries and regions as well.

Since the first inaugural meeting in March 2020, the group has held 61 sessions, 17 of which were international. Along this journey, 52 cities were connected to the meetings, with the participation of 139 institutions, totaling 2,730 registered attendances.

The combat to coronavirus by SIG
It is precisely the  on-line exchange of experience and knowledge that has given rise to different actions in favor of the combat to Covid-19 in Brazil. In addition to the professionals, who are on the front lines in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare points, one of the resources that grew the most and headed on a path with no return was tele-medicine.

The ace of the practice is the broad reach, in addition to the time optimization and the reduction of the operating costs. Qualification was another benefit explored during this time of pandemic, upon remote guidance by health agents on the best practices for prevention and combat to the disease.

Consequently, SIG COVID19 BR has played a supportive role in the qualification and the familiarization with the digital health subject of university students, professors and other actors in the academic environment. It is expected that the use of this resource will not stop at the end of the pandemic. On the contrary, that it will continue strengthening and will become increasingly more routine and common in healthcare.

Evidence of this are the numbers of attendees at the group's virtual meetings related to the academic population: 703 professors, 403 residency students, 348 undergraduate students, 64 specialized students and 152 master's and/or doctor´s degree students.

Covid-19 numbers in 2021
Although many lives were saved  in 2020 by both on-line and in-person attendance, the number of deaths in the country keeps growing. In February 2021, according to data from the Ministry of Health, Brazil reaches 9,921,981 confirmed cases and 240,940 deaths.

Thus, while the possibilities to contain the virus are still restricted to isolation and the first doses of the vaccines that come to the country, the appeal of the medical, scientific and academic community remains the same: if possible, stay home if you can.

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