RNP's service team is among the three best in the country

- 03/09/2021

RNP's service achieved relevant recognition in August: it was nominated as one of the three finalists in the "Best Support Team of the Year" category, for the HDI Brasil 2021 Trophy, held annually by HDI Brasil, an institute focused on world best practices and science of service. The announcement of the big winner will take place during the schedule of the HDI Experience 2021 event, on September 23rd and 24th.

“During the last few years, we have been improving our processes, tools and, above all, empowering our team to deliver the best experience possible to our customers. This recognition is due to all RNP's services. Now we can look back and see how we've evolved. There were many challenges, which makes me extremely proud of the built history. We have a lot to improve, we can contribute even more to the development of our Brazil. As the late 'Uncle' Ben Parker used to say: 'With great powers comes great responsibilities'”, celebrates RNP's Integrated Service manager, Francisco Junior.

Every year, those interested in competing send the necessary information and supporting documents to the HDI Judging Committee, which analyzes all entries and selects the winning teams based on the following criteria: description of the company, people, processes, technology and video. The judging process goes through the phases of editing/presentation, content and personal interview with the operation manager of each registered support center.

The cutoff score for the first phase of the dispute is 80%. Then, a new analysis is done with the remaining teams joining scores and arriving at the top three scores, whose owners are selected for a third-phase interview. Scores from all three phases are used to determine the winning team.

The category in which RNP's service is competing pays tribute to the team that most improved the image of the support operation, reaching the highest standards of excellence in customer service. The other finalists are Senior Customer Service (Senior Sistemas) and Customer Heroes (RD Station).