RNP supports hackathon that will develop innovations for the National Sport eMuseum

- 13/07/2018

Between July 27th and 29th, in the Port Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Hacking.Rio will take place, a competition of specialists in technology that will reward the creators of the best solution to the real demands of society and the market in Rio. There will be 12 challenges, called clusters, each related to a specific area. In sport, the hackathon held by the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj) will have the support of RNP and will aim at developing technological innovations for the National Sport eMuseum platform. Registration for the event go until July 7th.

The National Sport eMuseum is a virtual space dedicated to telling the story of the Brazilian sport heroes, bringing together in one place the personal collections of athletes and public and private collectors, working as a kind of collectors’ hub.

The hacking teams will be formed on the first day of the event to start developing the solutions and on Sunday, July 29th, they will present their results. The best solution among all the clusters will receive an award of BRL 15,000. The first evaluation criterion will be the code quality.

To serve as a guideline and to collaborate in the creative process, a list of topics with which the projects should be aligned was published:

  • Interactive works – Sport simulation;
  • Virtual tour platform;
  • eMuseum collaboration;
  • eGame and eSports;
  • Interactivity;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Accessibility.

Learn more about and register for HACKING.RIO on the website of the National Sport eMuseum.

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