RNP starts to operate with global providers to supply cloud services

- 16/12/2019

After a careful assessment conducted by the multidisciplinary team of NasNuvens, RNP has concluded registration of public providers for cloud service provision. The selected companies have met the requirements of the qualification process and are now able to sign a contract to provide these services and make their offerings available through the NasNuvens platform. 

Based on the viability and interest of representatives of IT directors from the Federal Institutions of Higher Education (IFES), Federal Institutes (IFs) and Research Units (UPs), an offer will be created, with criteria to be established. The chosen providers meet the availability, security, privacy, compliance, usability, and interoperability eligibility criteria unique to the higher education and research community.

Accreditation of global providers for NasNuvens is the result of a thorough process that has considered a set of technical and business specifications, which will allow RNP to deliver solutions of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to our community. By selecting more than one provider, we have created the conditions for a varied offer on NasNuvens, which can make it easier for managers to choose from the accredited alternatives to our catalog. In addition, this type of cloud service contracting from these providers foresees a gradual reduction of prices as the volume of use continues to grow. 

The registered companies were: 

  • GOOGLE; 

As part of the approval of this process, the first (IaaS) offers from the four registered global providers will be registered at NasNuvens platform and will be available for the first purchases as soon as it is under operation. The cloud services offered on NasNuvens enable users to select and use the services they need in an easy, intuitive and cost-effective way.