RNP reopens hiring companies to participate in Infovia 00

- 04/11/2022

RNP (National Teaching and Research Network) reopened the process to select providers and operators interested in participating in the Neutral Operator consortium of Infovia 00. Implemented by RNP to connect the cities of Macapá (AP) and Santarém (PA) through optical fiber, the infovia has openings in the Pará municipalities of Almeirim, Monte Alegre and Alenquer, all located on the banks of the Amazon River.

Infovia 00 has been operational since July and is part of the Norte Conectado Program, led by the Ministry of Communications. Currently, six companies are part of the consortium that operates, maintains and exploits the infrastructure of 770 km of downstream optical fiber cable, with the capacity to bring high-speed Internet to around 1 million inhabitants in the region. 

Now, RNP will select up to six new companies interested in joining the already formed consortium. If the number of qualified participants is greater, they will be classified according to a scoring system provided for in the term of reference for the process, established by the Management Committee of the Norte Conectado Program. Each consortium member has the right to commercially and individually exploit a pair of optical fiber cable for 15 years.

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