RNP promotes lecture at the Campus Party on careers in cybersecurity

survey by the international organization (ISC)² points out that, in the world, there is a lack of 3.4 million specialized professionals to work in cybersecurity. In Brazil, the scenario is repeated, with a great demand for more specialists of this type. The same study points out that the country faces a deficit of 312,000 qualified professionals in the area. To encourage more young people to enter the career, RNP (National Education and Research Network) will promote a lecture during the Campus Party on the Hackers do Bem program, an initiative that aims to train at least 30,000 new professionals in the coming years. 

Considered the biggest technology event in Brazil, Campus Party promotes activities and debates on technological solutions, science, entrepreneurship and other related subjects. This year's edition will take place from the 25th to the 30th of July at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, in São Paulo. 

At the event, the public will find out how to become a “good hacker” and what it's like to work in the cybersecurity area. Cristian Gonzalez, coordinator of the Hackers do Bem National Cybersecurity Hub, will talk about the activities carried out by these professionals and the main challenges in the area. Issues such as ransomware, viruses that “kidnap” data and charge a ransom, deepfakes, fake videos that use artificial intelligence to appear more realistic, and much more will be addressed. The lecture will be held on July 28, at 5:20 pm, on the What's Next stage. 

“We are going to present in a simple way the main challenges for anyone who wants to start a career in information security. We will also show young people how the Hackers do Bem program is a gateway to this passionate and challenging area”, explains the RNP specialist. 

Launched in May by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), the Hackers do Bem program will train professionals in information security and privacy free of charge. The initiative, coordinated by Softex, will be carried out by RNP in partnership with SENAI-SP. 

Faced with the national deficit of qualified professionals, Cristian González points out that Hackers do Bem will not bring immediate solutions, but rather long-term solutions to the lack of specialized labor in the sector. “We can create an army of professionals who can help spread and develop the area. This is a long and arduous road”, says González. 

Public feedback for the Eduplay app 

RNP will also have its own stand within the open area of the Campus Party. On site, the public will be able to test the application for smartphones on the Eduplay platform. This new version has improvements added from feedback given by Campus Party 2022 users. Among the novelties are the possibility to post, edit, comment and enjoy the videos on the portal. 

The idea of the test is for participants to point out which features are working well and what can still be improved in the app. Suggestions will be considered for a new version of the application. 

Eduplay is an audiovisual platform that offers videos of academic content such as events, lectures and others. The tool also allows for live broadcasts of classes, presentations and university TV and radio signals.

RNP will provide high speed internet for the event 

As in the last editions of the event, RNP will once again be responsible for providing a high-speed internet connection for the Campus Party, ensuring a better experience for everyone at the event. The available wired network will have a speed of up to 10 Gigabits per second.  

Furthermore, RNP will provide Internet access via the eduroam network, an exclusive network for professors, students and researchers linked to the Federated Academic Community (CAFe). 

RNP at Campus Party
Lecture: Find out how to be a good hacker
Day: Friday, 7/28
Time: 5:20 pm
Location: What's Next Stage
Address: Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion - Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1209 - Gate 38 - Santana, São Paulo 

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