RNP presents OpenRAN Program at Internet2 Technology Exchange 2023

The OpenRAN@Brazil Program, which aims to support the development of 5G in the country for use in education, research and innovation, was a highlight of RNP's presentation at the North American academic network event, the Internet2 Technology Exchange, which this year is being held from 9/18 to 22, in the city of Minneapolis (USA).  

The presentation took place on 9/20, on the “Research Engagement” track. On the occasion, the RNP representative, Lucas Bondan, detailed the scope of the OpenRAN@Brasil Program, explaining each of its phases and the program's pillars: (i) providing an open RAN environment for research, development and innovation; (ii) encourage research, development and innovation in technologies involved with open RAN; and (iii) train qualified labor for the implementation and use of open RAN in Brazil. 

According to the speaker, the results of the Program, as they are based on open source, will be shared with the global community. “We do have this intention, including making the codes available in the repositories of the international initiatives of which we are part,” he informed. 

Also according to Lucas Bondan, the research, development and innovation communities in open RAN will be able to join the program through calls for Working Groups and startups, which encourage technological advancement in this area of knowledge. 

RNP also had other moments in the Internet2 Technology Exchange program, with presentations on the Working Group Program (9/19) and the Cybersecurity Operations Center (SOC) (9/21). 

Learn more about the event on the Internet2 website.


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