RNP organizes Brazilian association winner of the Global Hackathon on Child Obesity

- 14/05/2021

On Tuesday, 11/05, the winners of the Global Hackathon sponsored by SAS Analytics were announced. Projects were awarded in several categories, such as health, industry, telecommunications, among others. In the health/child obesity area, a major concern worldwide, there were two winning associations: Tupã Fit (Brazil) and Digital Community Twin (Sweden). The Tupã Fit (Brazil) association, who presented the project "Brazil 2030", was organized by RNP, through RUTE, and is composed by researchers from the Paulista State University (Unesp), the NK Tech company, and the Strategic Technologies in Health Department (NUTES) of the State University of Paraíba (UEPB).

"Brazil 2030" uses digital technologies from SAS Analytics to interpret data on child obesity, connect and educate people. A partnership with the municipality of Tupã (SP) allowed the development of a product tested by real users during March in the city, with very high degrees of satisfaction from users. This project was also inspired by the work of researchers of the University of Uppsala, Sweden, who used municipal and regional data to create a digital twin of Swedish society. Changes made in the twin allow researchers to study the impact of new programs on children's health and move toward the eradication of child obesity.

With the classification in the hackathon, a new stage feasibility testing of the solution will take place during the rest of 2021. At this stage, the solution must receive funding and will likely be tested in a city of Sweden too.

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