RNP launches call for proposals for the 2023 Identity Management Program

RNP launches, this Wednesday (02/15), the call for proposals for the 2023 Identity Management Program for the academic community. The initiative aims to promote the study of topics related to the area, or the execution of proofs of concept that contribute to the prospection and identification of RD&I challenges in the area of Identity Management.

Proposals must be submitted by March 12th. The selected projects will be monitored by members of the Technical Committee for Identity Management (CT-GId), coordinated by RNP with participants from the organization and the academic community. 

Visit this link to read the call in full. 

Check out the topics of interest *:

  • Integrated environments for Authentication and Authorization (A&A) management
  • Audit in GId Authentication, authorization and access control (user-centric, federated, based on attributes, context, reputation, etc.)
  • Authentication and authorization of objects in IoT
  • Digital signature and establishment of digital contracts
  • Scalable digital signatures in a post-quantum computer world
  • Development of applications using A&A infrastructure provided by RNP (CAFe Federation, eduroam or ICPEdu)
  • Scalability in identity management technologies
  • Tools for managing or monitoring the CAFe federation, eduroam or ICPedu
  • Community management (virtual organizations)
  • Identity management in the metaverse
  • Password management
  • Management of multiple identities per user
  • Identity lifecycle management (creation, uses, destruction)
  • Decentralized Digital Identity
  • Identity as a Service and Cloud IAM
  • Identity of objects in IoT
  • Computational Intelligence for Identity Management
  • Warranty Levels (LOAs) in GId
  • Portability or interoperability of identities
  • Fraud and identity theft prevention
  • Privacy of users or objects in IoT
  • Usability in Identity Management technologies
  • Use of blockchains in digital identity management
  • Zero Trust Identity

* Other topics relevant to the area may be accepted.

About the Identity Management Technical Committee

The Identity Management Technical Committee (CT-GId) was created by RNP in 2010, with participants from the organization and the academic community, to support the evolution of services offered through technological prospecting. The identity management program (PGId) is an initiative of the CT-GId, which launches a call for proposals for 2023 here. The objective of the program is to encourage continuous interaction in the academic community so that inputs are provided, both conceptual and practical, for the evolution of the services offered by RNP.

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