RNP grants exemption of the registration fee on the RNP Forum to ICT managers

- 21/07/2015

Being aware of the current restrictions which impose difficulties to the institutions interested in participating of the RNP Forum 2015, the organization has been granting exemption of registration fee to 100 participants. This benefit was facilitated thanks to RNP's effort in the sponsorship funding with partner companies that acknowledge the importance, the quality, and the potential of the event, especially due to its high-qualified public. 

The criteria to obtaining exemption are:

  • Limit of up to three subscriptions per client institution of RNP, on a first-come first-served basis of orders, until 100 places are applied;
  • The interested ones shall apply for their registrations at the hotsite, selecting the kind of participant as "Bolsista - Inscrição", which means Fellow - Registration;
  • Requests shall be assessed by the Forum´s organization, on the basis of the criteria above and the additional necessary guidance will be forwarded after the registration.
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