RNP and UnBTV promote a lecture on Communication and Technology at the Service of Innovation

- 25/09/2023

At the invitation of the Deanship of Research and Innovation (DPI) of the University of Brasília (UnB), RNP, together with the university channel UnBTV, participated in a lecture on how communication and technology can collaborate with innovation within the academic environment. The event was held last Thursday (21), in the auditorium of the Technological Development Support Center (CDT), in Brasília. 

During the opening presentation, RNP Services Manager, Marcelino Cunha, presented RNP's portfolio of advanced services, which involve platforms such as the Federated Academic Community (CAFe), Web Conference, Eduroam, Eduplay and others, to promote knowledge about these solutions developed for the entire academic community and its research centers. 

“All of our institutions can use these services immediately and without restrictions, that is, at zero cost. UnBTV, for example, uses Eduplay as a streaming and repository of video content. It is a platform developed by a national organization, which is safe and has no advertising or anything that interrupts the student from watching the content available”, he states. 

When considering that dialogues through audiovisual are increasingly larger and more present in the lives of Brazilian students, the programming coordinator at UnBTV, Ig Uractan, highlighted in his presentation that the use of Eduplay is an opportunity to facilitate communication, bearing in mind that video has the potential to translate thoughts into an innovative language and thus reach more people.  

“There are several ways to communicate and I imagine that these video and streaming platforms, where students can develop content, thoughts or research on video, help to involve people from all over the country, as the network allows this. So, I see the Eduplay app as a great opportunity to facilitate this mediatized communication within the audiovisual language”, Ig concludes. 

The talk by the director of UnBTV, Rafael Vilas Boas, focused on guiding managers, future entrepreneurs and directors on the risk of understanding communication as an expense and not as an investment, as well as the idea that communication should only be included on the executive side and not to participate in strategic planning. 

“When these errors are avoided there is a great margin of success for the strategy that will be implemented, whether by an organization, company or social movement, but when communication is seen as the solution to problems and nothing like this has been done before, the chance that there is frustration is very great”, he highlights. 

With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the community's immersion in the digital environment changed the way human relationships began to happen in the student environment. Given this fact, RNP services analyst, Nilton Rodrigues, considers that, in recent years, the solutions that RNP has made available to universities linked to its System have contributed significantly to the maintenance of learning and content productions aimed at education. 

“We were able to contribute both with the Web Conference in the form of a virtual classroom and with Eduplay as a video repository. So I understand UnB as a great partner in the use of platforms and I hope that we can work together for longer, with an increasingly closer relationship”, he declares.


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