RNP and MP exchange experiences about cloud computing

- 18/10/2016

Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MP), interested in knowing services and solutions of cloud and safety offered by the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP), sought the organization to exchange experiences and identify cooperation points. As one of the activities, there was a joint workshop on September 21, in Brasília, to present the cloud computing strategies of both institutions.

RNP representatives presented the advanced services offered by organization and pointed out demands and expectations related to ICT of federal institutions of higher education (Ifes) and federal institutes (Ifs) about the topic. “This approach can help RNP in the composition of the cloud service offering for universities and modeling of related services, as secure storage for user organizations, in accordance with current regulation”, said the Service and Solution director, José Luiz Ribeiro Filho.

During the seminar, it was identified the need for the MP to approach the federal education and research institutions. RNP pointed out the participation of the body in specific community events - meetings with IT managers, RNP Forum and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). There was also interest in empowering IT managers MP on issues of cooperation.

RNP Representatives pointed out the conduction of meetings in webinar model, in order to disclose new policies, and a partnership between Higher School of Networks (ESR) and National School of Public Administration (Enap), for content complement. The STI and Information Technology Board (DTI) teams of MP and RNP Services and Solution also attended the meeting.

Focal points have been appointed to develop a cooperation plan with further joint actions to be implemented during 2017. The group also planned a meeting in RNP Forum 2016 to stimulate the interaction of participants ICT managers of the event with the MP/STI team. The focus will be on standardization for hiring cloud services to public agencies of the federal executive.