RNP and Ibict release call to promote open access to research data

- 15/03/2017

The Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) and the Brazilian Institute of Information on Science and Technology (Ibict) opened a call to finance a research group about open access to research data (AADP). The purpose is to perform activities that contribute to the identification of practices, mapping of requirements and prototyping of systems that facilitate the dissemination of scientific information.

The call aims to collaborate with the creation of a National Program of Open Access to Research Data, an initiative with the purpose of promoting and encouraging the sharing of data among researchers, giving greater efficiency in the production of scientific knowledge in Brazil.

According to the RNP’s Research and Development manager, Leandro Ciuffo, the actions of open data promotion for research in the country are very incipient and little standardized “Considering this scenario, it is essential to conduct strategies to articulate researchers and institutions, creating mechanisms facilitating the sharing of data in an automated way, and considering the challenges of the different realities in the spheres of scientific production in the country”, he says.

Those selected will compose a working group that will collaborate with RNP and Ibict on the mapping of existing open data practices for research, as well as prepare a web portal to gather the national academic community around the subject and develop a technological solution that could be the embryo of a future AADP service.

The resources of the call notice should be allocated to the recruitment of personnel during 12 months. RNP will also be able to afford on-demand researcher passes for meetings, interviews, and project focus groups.

The invitation is directed for area research groups of Information Science and Computer Science. Those interested should submit their proposals until April 4 to the e-mail gt-aadp@rnp.br, with the subject “GT AADP”.

For more information access the website of Public Notice.