Representatives of the Secretariat of Information and Digital Health participate in the first session of 2023 of TC- Digital Health

- 11/04/2023

The first session of the year of the Technical Committee for Technological Prospecting in Digital Health (CT-Saúde Digital), held this morning, 4/11, had the special participation of representatives from the Secretariat of Information and Digital Health (Seidigi), from the Ministry of Health and more than 100 experts attended the presentations and discussions.

Because she was summoned to a ministerial meeting, the secretary, Ana Estela Haddad, was unable to be present, but the director of the Department of Digital Health and Innovation (DESD), Cleinaldo Costa, the general coordinator of Telehealth (CGTS), Silvana Gomes Benzecry, and the general coordinator of Innovation in Digital Health (CGPIN), David Xavier, presented the structure of the secretariat created in early 2023 to boost the advancement of Digital Health in the country and answered questions from participants.

“One of the main points made by the secretariat (Ana Estela Haddad) is to try to integrate Digital Health with the regulation system. When developing innovative actions, always walk along with telehealth regulation. The current discussion is: how to do this? From the moment you already have the patient monitored, how to make this communication between the telehealth system and the regulation system. The idea is that they start to communicate as systems”, explained Silvana Gomes Benzecry, who also spoke of the special attention to the Telehealth Centers, created by the Telehealth Brasil Redes Program from 2007 and allocated, for the most part, in universities.

“Rescuing the Telehealth Centers is one of Seidigi's missions, helping to replenish technological equipment at the sites. The construction of new models passes, above all, through the empowerment of the Centers”.

More actors on the Steering Committee
The director of the Department of Digital Health and Innovation (DESD), Cleinaldo Costa, revealed the proposal made and well received by the Digital Health Management Committee for the inclusion of representatives of the University Telemedicine Network (RUTE), of the Brazilian Association of Telemedicine and Telehealth (ABTms), the Brazilian Society of Health Informatics (SBIS) and Fiocruz, further expanding the debate for the definition of guidelines.

Upcoming TC-Digital Health sessions
After Seidigi's presentation, TC-Digital Health continued its discussion activities in groups with three main foci: teaching, research and assistance, with the objective of trying to understand what is relevant, from the point of view of health problems, to be served by RNP. The inputs generated in the sessions will be used in the preparation of the Committee's final technical report and as a reference in the Priority Program for Digital Health Informatics - PPI-SD, of interest to the entire community that works with the theme.

By October, five more virtual events will be held, open to the participation of all interested parties. Check out the schedule for the next two sessions:

  • 5/9 - Project Classes (WHO Interventions Classes) - Dr. Chinemerem Chika Eyetan (Dept of Digital Health (WHO): What are the DH project classes that best enable health priorities to be met and what dimensions of the RNP community are impacted by each project class - such as skills, competences, resources, products and services?
  • 6/13 - Definition of the Impact of Digital Health - Dr. Angélica Baptista (ENSP - Fiocruz): What should we conceptualize as an impact on Health, from the point of view of DH and RNP?

All events will start at 10am and can be accessed HERE!

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