Public Call OpenRAN@Brasil: Deadline for submission of proposals is on 05/07

The deadline for submission of proposals for the public call for the academic area to contribute to the OpenRAN@Brasil program, which would be closed this Friday (04/28), has been extended to May 7. 

The call is aimed at researchers linked to public or private teaching and/or research institutions. The objective is to choose Working Groups (WGs) to cooperate in the evolution of functionalities and technologies of the OpenRAN@Brasil testbed. Researchers must submit proposals that adhere to the thematic axes of the program, such as Testbed, Development in SDN and Orchestration of Resources and Services. After choosing the WGs, the execution and implementation of the project will last for one year.

As the coordinating organization, RNP will monitor the selected works and provide technological support for the construction and access to the OpenRAN@Brasil testbed. For this selection, there will also be monitoring by the project's technical leaders, who may be members of RNP or CPQD, partner entity in the execution of the program. 

At the end of the one-year period, it is expected that the WGs will have implemented their proposals and that they will be able to leverage OpenRAN@Brasil functionalities.

Access the public call document for more information. If you have questions about the call, send a message to the email address:

More information about the program here


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