The Periodical Portal of Capes celebrates 15 years

- 10/11/2015

It began today, 10th November, in Brasilia, the International Seminar of the Periodical Portal of Higher Education Personnel Training Coordination (in portuguese, Capes) of the Ministry of Education (MEC).

The event is part of the celebrations for the 15 years of the virtual library, whose technical monitoring is done by the National Network of Education and Research (RNP), which in 2009 created an integrated search engine to the Portal of the acquis.

The program of the seminar included presentations by executives and representatives of the Brazilian academic-scientific community, national and international publishers, organizations and partners and from Capes. The purpose is to discuss issues on access to scientific production.

Special guest, the general director of RNP, Nelson Simões, emphasized, in his presentation about 'Technology in Education: A Vision of Capes-RNP partnership', the importance of  the internet infrastructure in Brazil and worldwide."RNP is an a kind of advanced Internet, allowing students, professors and researchers communicate. We test new applications and new platforms, qualify resources in this area and develop actions along with research groups that can advance knowledge of new architectures and new models",said. Among the initiatives the organization coordinates, it is the Digital Solutions for Education in order to apply advanced network technologies in meeting the public policy area of ​​education, coordinated by MEC and operated by its agencies such as Capes. "The cooperation in Brazil with respect to the development of knowledge is increasing and more and more evident. The learning support technologies are related to this increase as they allow mobility of education, showing, including distance education. The Periodical Portal is a great example, since thousands of Brazilian students and researchers have access to information internationally, wherever they are, to use the tool", told Nelson.

In the same table that he participated were also present the directors of Capes, Márcio de Castro Silva Filho, responsable for the Programs and Scholarships in Brazil, and Arlindo Philippi Jr., for Evaluation. The President of Capes, Carlos Nobre, immensely thanked the participation of RNP in The Periodical Portal of the development process. "Undoubtedly, it is one of the most successful programs of Capes in recent decades. The virtual library has a significant role as access tool to scientific communication, which tends to grow further in coming years. RNP is essential for success, boosting the availability of the very best of international scientific production", celebrated.

Others topics were discussed at the event such as access to scientific content in the next 15 years; the future of scientific societies and publishers; diversification of content available on the Portal and evaluation criteria and chopping of the acquis.

In order to promote the strengthening of graduate programs through the provision of scientific content of high level, the Periodical Portal celebrates 15 years of existence with significant numbers: 424 participating institutions, a collection of over 37,000 journals and 250 000 electronic books, 11 patents bases (certified inventions), 285,000 daily access and, in 2014, reached 39 million downloaded articles and 65 million visits to 126 bases existing references. It also features encyclopedias and reference works, technical standards, statistics and audiovisual content.

Over time, the Portal has established itself as an important tool for scientific, technological and academic activities, bringing together in a single virtual space the best publications produced in the world and enabling the Brazilian production is internationally recognized.


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