Partnership between RNP and Angola Cables creates first academic point of traffic exchange in Latin America

- 09/10/2018

Angola Cables and the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) have signed a partnership to build a PTT (point of traffic exchange) at Angola Cables facilities in Fortaleza.

It will operate globally and will be exclusively aimed at the exchange of scientific and academic traffic that is comprised of data, information, research, studies and academic articles from the world education and research community. PTT will be installed in the Angola Cables data centre, located in Praia do Futuro, in the capital of Ceará, where the Telecom multinational concentrates its three major developments in Brazil - two submarine cables, Monet and SACS and a datacentre.

"The PTT that RNP will build at the Angola Cables datacentre in Fortaleza is unique in South America and one of the few in the world dedicated exclusively to the education and research community. A step of extreme relevance to the development of science, technology and education worldwide", explains António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables.

In order to receive RNP's GXP (Global Exchange Point) in its facilities, Angola Cables showed potential to meet all the necessary requirements for the partnership, including connectivity, capacity, low latency and express route to Africa.

According to the director of Engineering and Operations of RNP, Eduardo Grizendi, the implementation of the Global Exchange Point in Brazil is a great step to facilitate interconnection with other academic networks and meet the demands of large data flows of the scientific community. "These data streams require from us, academic networks, agility in provisioning high capacity and reliable circuits, typically demanding optical channels or unique spectrum fractions", said Grizendi.

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