OpenRAN@Brasil Program publishes WGs selected by public call

The OpenRAN@Brasil program released, on 08/08, the results of the public call for the academic area. Six (6) Working Groups (GTs) were selected to cooperate in the evolution of features and technologies of the OpenRAN@Brasil testbed over the course of one year: 

  • GT ORAN-QOS : Open RAN Working Group for QoS
    Authors: Priscila Solis, Eduardo Alchieri, Paulo Carvalho, Daniel Araújo
  • Plateou - Platform to Orchestrate Open RAN Network Slicing as a Service
    Authors: Cristiano Both, Alexandre Huff, Lucio Prade
  • OIRAN - Intelligent OpenRAN function orchestrator with high availability and low power consumption guarantees
    Authors: Djamel Fawzi Hadj Sadok, Glauco Gonçalves, Diego Bezerra
  • GT-FAIR-5G: Tools for Assessing Security Incidents in 5G Networks
    Authors: Iguatemi E. Fonseca, Waslon Lopes, Fabricio Braga Soares de Carvalho
  • GT-AGIR: Agility in Intention-based Management for Refining Service Levels
    Authors: Dianne Medeiros, Diogo Mattos, Nicollas Oliveira
  • IQoS: Intelligent Application for Management and Improvement of QoS in Open RAN Networks
    Authors: Murilo Silva, André Riker, Matheus Cordovil, Victor Leite, Weverton Cordeiro, João Bastos
  • More information about the program on the official OpenRAN@Brasil website.  
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