OpenRAN@Brasil launches the program's official website

OpenRAN@Brasil, a program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, executed by RNP and CPQD, launched its official website:  

The platform aims to disseminate news related to the program, such as public calls, events, articles, reports, among other communications. It will also be possible to learn about the phases of the program, participating institutions and the composition of the Steering Board.  

In 2021, RNP, the Center for Research and Development in Telecommunications (CPQD) and other partners launched OpenRAN@Brasil, within the Priority Program in Informatics (PPI) for Advanced Internet, which aims to support the safe development of 5G and accelerate the advancement of the open network ecosystem in the country. 

In March of this year, RNP launched the program's first public call for tenders aimed at the academic sector so that working groups could be formed to cooperate in the development of the OpenRAN@Brasil testbed. The objective is to advance in the development and addition of functionalities and technologies of the test environment.