NIC.Br and RNP partnership expands capacity offer in regional events

- 03/07/2018

The Ponto BR Information and Coordination Centre ( and the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) joined forces to hold regional events that offer more opportunities for training and integration for the technical public. The last IX Regional Forums, held in Teresina (PI) and Belo Horizonte (MG), took place at the Network Technologies Workshops (WTRs), organized by RNP for professionals working in institutions connected to the academic network. In this way, participants from both events had access to more course options.

According to the coordinator of the course area at, Eduardo Morales, the first IX Regional Forum was held through the invitation of the RNP Point of Presence in Bahia (PoP-BA) and, as the public of the IX Regional Forum is in largely formed by providers, the approximation occurred through a synergy of interests. "RNP wanted to have closer contact with regional providers and our students wanted more technical content and the possibility of networking during the courses", says Morales.

For the Manager of Projects and Development of NIC.Br, Antonio Moreiras, the partnership with RNP can contribute in other ways to the solution of problems and improvement of regional connectivity. "We also gained more participation in RNP’s IX Regional Forum and its customers, people who can be replicators of knowledge", Moreiras said.

In June, in Teresina, NIC.Br promoted a course of Operational Good Practices for Autonomous Systems (BCOP), with vacancies destined to the WTR public. To obtain the certificate of course completion, students had to attend the WTR and IX Regional Forum lecture day. In parallel, the Networks School (ESR), RNP’s training unit, offered a mini-course on Fundamentals of IT Governance.

In Belo Horizonte, RNP offered two courses: ITIL v3 Fundamentals, through the Networks Schools, and Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) Containment Techniques, through the Security Incident Response Center (CAIS). The NIC.Br promoted again the BCOP course, for the diffusion of good practices to the professionals of the Autonomous Systems (ASs) area. Another option of course in view is the implementation of IPv6.

The Network Technology Workshops (WTRs) are part of the strategy of the RNP’s Training and Innovation Seminar (SCI), to bring together managers and technical teams of the institutions connected to the Brazilian academic network, the Ipê network. Other events are scheduled this year in Fortaleza (CE), Salvador (BA), Natal (RN), Porto Alegre (RS), Florianópolis (SC), Aracaju (SE) and Manaus (AM).

About the IX Regional Forum

The IX Regional Forum is a meeting organized by, linked to the good practices courses for ASs (BCOP). Its purpose is to promote dialogue between Internet providers, participants and potential participants of, government, as well as other companies and institutions in the region. In the Forum, the local and regional situation of internet connectivity and the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) are discussed, as well as strategies to improve it, in addition to technical lectures.

Check the agenda of the next IX Regional Forums and schedule yourself to participate:

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