MCTIC Research Units repudiate the murder of Councilwoman Marielle Franco

- 10/04/2018

The Research Units (UPs) of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC) express their deepest indignation at the murder of Councilwoman Marielle Franco, of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL-RJ).

We insist that all spheres of the State are agile, judicious and transparent regarding the investigations. It is necessary to punish with vigour - and exemplarily - not only the perpetrators, but - and especially – those who ordered this crime against the State, an act of extreme inhumanity that occurred shortly after the International Women's Day.

There is a possibility that this crime - which jeopardizes both democracy and the rule of law - is a manifestation of marginal and retrograde groups within Brazilian society, and whose main goal is to affirm either a narco-state or a paramilitary state in our country.

This is unacceptable.

We are certain that the causes and ideals that the Councilwoman defended - for the poor and the destitute - will foster a more just and less unequal society for the future generations of Brazilians.

Officials, staff and students at MCTIC Research Units express their deepest sympathy to Marielle's family and friends.


MCTIC Research Units (March 15, 2018)

Brazilian Centre of Physics Researches

National Observatory

National Network of Education and Research

National Institute of Technology

Mineral Technology Centre

Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematica

Astronomy and Related Sciences Museum

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