Juazeiro receives second national stage of the Internet Brasil Program

- 28/07/2023

A reference in educational technology and the first Brazilian city to receive free broadband Internet for students in the municipal education network, Juazeiro is once again included during the second national stage of delivery of chips from the Internet Brasil Program.

This time, the Argemiro José da Cruz Municipal School was the teaching unit benefiting from the Ministry of Communications program, in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the National Education and Research Network (RNP), which offers connection to mobile broadband Internet and digital inclusion through the availability of chips, plus a data package renewed monthly.

The distribution ceremony for the second stage of chip delivery took place on Thursday night (27), at the Argemiro José da Cruz Municipal School, located in the Argemiro neighborhood. In total, 122 new chips were delivered. The occasion was attended by family members, the school community, the superintendent of Seduc's Administrative and Financial Department, Marileide Jericó, and the coordinators of Seduc's Educational Technological Programs, Francisco Hernandes and Jussimara Oliveira.

The coordinator of Seduc's Educational Technological Programs, Jussimara Oliveira, spoke about the chip distribution criteria and commented on the second stage of the program in Juazeiro. “The second stage will continue the expansion of the Internet Brasil Program in the municipality, with the delivery of new chips that were distributed through a draw among students registered with CadÚnico”, explained Jussimara.

“Juazeiro was the first Brazilian city to receive delivery of chips with free broadband for students. The first stage continues successfully at Escola Municipal Dom Avelar Brandão Vilela, located in the João Paulo II neighborhood, which received 513 chips, guaranteeing students free Internet access through a hybrid technology”, concluded the coordinator of Educational Technological Programs from Seduc.

Ângela Maria da Silva, mother of student Moisés de Jesus da Silva Souza, in the 3rd year, at Escola Municipal Argemiro José da Cruz, shared the feeling of satisfaction at having her son included in the program and highlighted the importance of the initiative. “I am very happy that my son was selected. Among so many students, he was one of the recipients, this will greatly benefit his learning, mainly because at this stage of a child's life they really try to learn and discover new things. The Internet will help a lot with his learning in general”, said Ângela.
The chip

The chips do not have mobile phone service, relying only on the internet offer through monthly top-ups under the responsibility of the Ministry of Communications. The program is exclusive for students from the 4th to the 9th year, who belong to families registered and updated in CadÚnico, and who have a NIS number.

* Information from the Communication Secretariat (Secom) of the Municipality of Juazeiro-BA.
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