Ipezinho wins best virtual assistant of the year

- 21/09/2023

Last Wednesday (9/20), at the HDI Experience Conference ceremony, Ipezinho, RNP chatbot, won the HDI Brazil 2023 Award as best virtual assistant of the year. The Artificial Intelligence tool competed for the title alongside virtual assistants from Algar Tech (Estella) and BRF S/A (Eva). 

This was the first time that RNP competed in this category. In 2022, RNP won the HDI Brasil Trophy in the Best Support Team of the Year category, for which it was also a finalist in 2021. 

According to the responsible analyst, Amanda Pereira, one of Ipezinho's advantages is its features and ability to understand the customer's language. “The applicant does not need to worry about how to ask a question, Ipezinho can process different contexts and deliver an assertive and humanized response”, she explains.  

Regarding functionalities, in addition to answering questions about RNP services, it can open or consult a ticket, chat in different languages and notify the user when there is news in their request. 

About Ipezinho 

RNP's virtual assistant, called Ipezinho, has existed since 2019 with the aim of assisting institutions connected by RNP. He is able to interact with customers, answer questions about general services and open tickets to contact one of the service analysts.   

In addition to the RNP website, Ipezinho is activated on all digital service channels. With the help of ChatGPT technology, the chatbot already serves students benefiting from the Internet Brasil Program, from the Ministry of Communications, in partnership with RNP.   

In 2023, Ipezinho provided around 5,000 calls in the first half of the year, being responsible for 36% of calls via Whastapp and up to 90% on other channels. According to RNP's Integrated Service Management, the chatbot's accuracy is on average 90% and the average satisfaction rate for Ipezinho's service is 4.4/5.  

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