International Information Security Day, from CAIS-RNP, took place at IFSP with the theme “Digital Security for Gamers”

In the digital universe, security becomes a crucial issue even for video game enthusiasts. Under the organization of CAIS-RNP, RNP's Cybersecurity Intelligence area, International Information Security Day (DISI) has been promoting awareness since 2005. This year, with the theme "Digital Security for Gamers", the event took place in person on the Guarulhos campus of the Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP) and was broadcast free of charge on YouTube.

Lucas Gomes, an analyst at RNP, presented the event, which was attended by cybersecurity specialist Sabrina Ramos, from Stone, and creator of the "Menina de Cybersec" community, as well as gamer influencer and communicator Haru Jiggly.

During the discussions, the event addressed topics such as the risks associated with illegal online gaming. Software manipulation to insert malware is a threat that makes players vulnerable when downloading games from untrustworthy sources. Sabrina Ramos guided participants on where to find legal games, warning about the dangers of products that do not follow safety standards.

"When downloading a non-compliant product, you put your personal data at risk. Online games can capture information such as connection data and IP address, making it essential to take appropriate precautions", highlighted Sabrina Ramos.

DISI 23 also addressed the risks of online interactions, both inside and outside of games. The speakers emphasized the dangers of sharing data and the importance of avoiding conversations involving financial issues. Additionally, the event explored the topic of phishing, a social engineering technique used to trick users into providing confidential data or clicking on malicious links. DISI also highlighted the importance of using multi-factor authentication and strong passwords.

Haru Jiggly shared her experiences, highlighting the vulnerability of online influencers. "It's crucial to talk about security to younger people. Even with frequent contact with the topic of cybersecurity, it's easy to fall for online scams. For us, influencers, who are in the spotlight, you can't be too careful", she warned.

DISI, held annually at a research and teaching institution within the RNP System, provided an opportunity for the gaming community to update itself on digital security practices. The event is available online and for free on YouTube

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