INOVA ID RS holds a workshop to model the Federation's Governance

The INOVA ID RS team held a workshop for modeling the governance of the federation that is being proposed with the project. The event was held on 07/04, at the CriaLab space at Tecnopuc (RS).  

In addition to the representatives of the parks that had already been contributing throughout the project, this event was attended by the senior management of the partner technology parks, the Instituto Caldeira and some members of the Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul (SICT-RS).   

The following took part in the workshop: RNP's RD&I director, Iara Machado; the superintendent of Innovation and Development at Tecnopuc, Prof. Jorge Audy; Feevale's director of innovation, Daiana Monzon; the director of ZENIT, Marli Ritter; the deputy director of Innovation environments at SICT-RS, Bernardo Leso; and the director of Instituto Caldeira, Bianca Dallegrave.

Iara Machado
Workshop serviu como kick off para a modelagem da Governança da Federação


The INOVA ID RS project is part of the INOVA RS program, promoted by the Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul with the aim of making the state a global reference in innovation as a local development strategy. With the project, RNP intends to develop a Federated Identity Management System that adheres to the innovation ecosystem in Rio Grande do Sul, enabling secure collaboration and sharing of services within a federation.   

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