InCor TeleUTI supports hospitals from the public network in the combat to the pandemic

- 29/04/2020

TeleUTI is an important study and clinical research tool, which becomes even more relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic. The disease caused by the new coronavirus virtually disables meetings and conferences offline, while it makes sharing of experiences among doctors and specialists imperative.

Incor Telemedicine and Telehealth Center (CITT) was created in 2009 by the Pneumology Division of the Heart Institute of Hospital das Clínicas. In 2013, it inaugurated its Telemedicine unit and started to integrate the group of hospitals of the University Telemedicine Network (Rute). Thus, the capacity to hold video conferences from Incor to other places in Brazil and abroad increased.

InCor´s two virtual rooms use the Web Conference service of the National Education and Research Network (RNP) and work 24X7. There, clinical cases are analyzed, protocols are decided, trainings and guiding webinars for the teams are carried out, which comprehend more than 30 intensivists spread throughout the entire network. Thus, InCor TeleUTI works as a reference in treatment of Covid-19.

The director of the Incor Informatics Service (SInfo), Marco Antonio Gutierrez, clarifies that during the discussions, the patients´ clinical information is stored in REDCap, a secure application to create and manage clinical researches and databases online.

Although REDCap can be used to collect virtually any kind of data, it is specifically made to offer support in capturing data offline, collected in the clinic, and online, involving results from laboratory exams and respiratory functional parameters. “Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 100 discussions of clinical cases were made, as well as trainings for the participating hospitals´ teams, using the infrastructure, which was built with support by RNP ", Marco Antonio Gutierrez says.

REDCap is maintained by a broad network of collaborators and institutional partners in more than one hundred countries, considering that Hospital das Clínicas is one of the Institutions that participate in this network. Currently, 6 public hospitals from the state of São Paulo participate in this effort of TeleUTI Network: Mandaqui, Vila Penteado, Ipiranga, Osasco, Padre Bento and Guilherme Álvaro.

Last Friday (4/24), Dr. Marco Antonio Gutierrez ministered a lecture at Rute SIG COVID19 on the topic “Incor´s Experience in the TeleUTI Covid-19 Network”. The meetings are always held in room, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.