The highlights are breakthroughs in ICT research and development

- 15/05/2015

Next Monday and Tuesday, the Vitória Conventions Center, in the state of Espírito Santo, will host the 16th edition of WRNP, a workshop aimed at the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) community. Promoted on a yearly basis by RNP, together with the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (in Portuguese, SBRC), the event is intended to bring the public closer to the technological breakthroughs and the main topics in the ICT research and development area.

Network security and monitoring, cloud computing technologies integration, identity management, video-collaboration, remote experimenting and new forms of authorship for teaching and research are some of the topics to be debated during the two days event.

Other highlights are the international collaboration between Brazil and the United States, through Software-Defined Networks (SDN), the challenges to bring network infrastructure to Brazil’s countryside and to research and education areas for the next decades.

This year, all of those who have registered to be part of the event will have an account to access the Cloud Computing for Science (CNC) experimental service, a safe cloud storage platform to be demonstrated to the public. By using the account, which will have a storage quota of 30 Gigabytes, those registered will have access to all of the advertising material of the event, in addition to sharing files with their peers.

Find out the complete coverage in the event's website.

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