Get to know the five projects chosen by the Third Call BR-EU

- 14/08/2015

RNP and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), jointly with the European Commission, chose five projects in the Third Coordinated Call BR-EU in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). They include 49 institutions, of which 23 are Brazilian and 26 European – 24 universities, 17 companies and 8 research centers.

The Brazilian institutions shall receive, in total, R$22.1 million. The same sum (approximately 7 million Euro) shall be allocated by the EU to the European participants in the projects, totaling over R$ 44 million in fostering. Alternatively, the call shall contemplate the improvement of the Future Internet Brazilian Environment for Experimentation (Fibre) experimental platform, which shall serve as support to the chosen proposals.

Selected projects

Category: High-Performance Computing

1. High Performance Computing for Energy (HPC4E)

Category: Cloud Computing

2. Secure Big Data Processing in Untrusted Clouds (SecureCloud)

3. Europe Brazil Collaboration of Big Data Scientific Research through Cloud-Centric Applications (EUBra – BigSea)

4. Fostering an International Dialogue between Europe and Brazil (EUBrasilCloud Forum) 

Category: Experimental Platforms

5. Federated Union of Telecommunications Research Facilities for an EU-Brazil Open Laboratory (Futebol)

Click here and find more detail about the projects under “Results: selected projects”.

About the participation

The proposals’ submission was opened to professors and professionals in the engineering, computing, software, communication and computer networks segments; researchers and experts from teaching and research institutions; in addition to teaching and research institutions and organizations that operate within the included segments.

Companies cannot receive funds from the initiative, but are part of proposals approved, alongside the proponents. The proposals submitted totaled 55 participations from national and multinational companies, with HP, IBM Research, Petrobras and Intel standing out.

In relation to the regional distribution of the Brazilian institutions, there were 67 participants from the Southeast Region, 36 from the Southern Region, 34 from the Northeast Region, 8 from the Northern Region and 5 from the Center-West.

3rd Coordinated BR-EU Call

The purpose of the call is to strengthen the synergy among the competences existing in the R&D communities in Brazil and in the European Union, with emphasis on institutions largely involved in industries.

Over the last few years, Brazil and the European Union have formed closer ties of cooperation in science and technology by means of the joint opening of calls for advanced research and development projects in the information and communication technologies segment. This is the third stage of such cooperation. The two previous calls were opened in 2010 and 2012.

The three call notices received 142 work proposals and allocated funds to 14 of them. Each party allocated 17 million Euro to the funding.