ForRisco Platform is made available

- 03/12/2021

The Federal Government provides, through the Ministry of Education (MEC), an open source platform that will allow monitoring and managing the risks arising from the processes developed by public institutions: ForRisco. The tool is integrated with ForPDI through the For Platform, where from now on the systems will be installed concurrently.   

Overall, ForRisco was designed to motivate risk management practices in the public sector. To promote this management, the book on the ForRisco methodology was developed, in addition to the ForRisco online training that will provide all the support for the tool's users.

The expectation is that this project presents the following benefits and results: managing risks as a team; predict causes and impacts of risks; prevent risk situations according to the scenario; manage risks, incidents and monitoring processes.

ForRisco will be offered to users at zero cost, as the system will be supported through the National Education and Research Network (RNP). The service has a direct impact on universities and federal institutes, on the Federal Centers for Technological Education (CEFETs) and other users, since the tool will also be available to the MEC and its affiliates.

Learn more about the ForRisco Book.

Access the ForRisco online training.