#DISI21 gathers specialists from different areas to discuss the children´s and the youngsters´ security on the internet

- 10/02/2021

According to the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), one third of the Internet users are children and adolescents. Worldwide, 71% of them are on-line compared to 48% of the total population. Thus, the security of these young people has become a highly important topic for the society, and especially, for parents and guardians of this population.

Thinking about that, tomorrow (11/2), at 4 pm, RNP promotes the International Computer Security Day (DISI) with live transmission on YouTube, whose main topic is “Digital security starts early”. The event this year will be attended by Nyvi Estephan, who has been a gamer presenter for 7 years and elected the largest eSports host in Latin America and the third largest in the world. Based on her expertise, she will address highly relevant topics in the on-line universe, among them, how influencers and content producers can contribute to the improvement of security in the use of the internet by children and adolescents, the responsibility an influencer, an Internet celebrity or a content creator shall undertake to help in a healthier environment, among others.

In addition to her, the specialist in Digital Law and CEO of Resh Cyber Defense, a Cyber Intelligence company focused on Data Protection, Adriana Cansian; the threat researcher at Trend Micro and founder of the Binary Mind Information Security Community, Fernando Mercês and the behavior specialist and psycho-pedagogue Erica Alvim will also be present in the conversation.

Focused on students, teachers, institution collaborators, technology professionals, specialists and other multipliers of the information security culture, the 15th edition of DISI will last two and a half hours. Among the subjects to be addressed, there are: security risks which children and adolescents can be exposed to when using the internet, which educational and protective measures can be used, parental control, understanding about data privacy and exposure and similar; sharing on the internet, what to do in case of exposure or threats to the integrity of your family and children.

To warm the event up, we did a short interview with the behavior specialist Érica Alvim, one of the attendees confirmed for the chat tomorrow .

1. How can parents and the school work together to assure safer Internet browsing for children and young people?
I believe that the keys are information and communication. Schools could promote classes, events and debates about the dangers and the safe use of the internet, to keep the students better informed about the risks they run and to know who to turn to if they have a problem. It is important for parents and the school to be also open and prepared to welcome any anxiety that may arise and talk openly about that.

2. How is it possible to take the internet out of the role of villain and use it in favor of the children´s and the young people´s learning?
Together with the risks, the internet has enormous potential to collaborate with the children´s and young people´s learning. It is a giant load of information and experience, which no one domains completely. Therefore, although the challenges are constant, it is always important to look for balance. And the best way to do that is with constant participation and supervision. 

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