Digital Health-TC Workshop promotes knowledge exchange to build bridges for the future of the industry

- 11/03/2021

In the morning of 9 and 10/03, the Digital Health Technical Committee (TC-SD) held its first Workshop with the goal to share information and knowledge and build bridges for the group's work in technological prospecting in the industry.

The program included a broad range of topics, from the context of Digital Health in Brazil and national and international strategies to the modus operandi of the other technical committees organized by RNP, research conducted by members of the CT-SD, and projects of the Working Groups selected in the P&D call that are related to digital health.

The opening of the virtual meeting was done by the associate director of Institutional Relations at RNP, Gorgonio Araújo. He highlighted the importance of the work carried out by the Committee, established in May 2020, within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the immediate increased need to use the resources offered by Digital Health around the world.

"Digital Health is at the center of our concerns and intentions. The work that the Committee has been developing is very important; it is the meaning of RNP regarding the development of ICT applied to health. The development of this technology is of the utmost importance to our community in the RNP system. It is very important for us to know the paths, from the activities of the Committee, that point to innovation opportunities. This is an important mechanism to us, not only to the development of new products and services to our community but also regarding innovation and applications for society as a whole. All of this takes into account how important and fundamental Digital Health is today and will be going forward," said Gorgonio.

The CT-SD coordinators Luiz Ary Messina (national coordinator of RUTE) and Paulo Lopes (Health Community Specialist at RNP) also participated in the opening of the Workshop and praised the engagement of the members in the event.

"We are greatly thankful to everyone who has played a very important role to get us here in this Workshop today, starting the technology prospecting process that can influence new actions in Brazil and worldwide. When I say worldwide, it is because we indeed have this power of agenda. We have been able to expand the RUTE to Latin America; on 16/03, we will launch RUTE Chile and, in May, probably, the Colombia one. I ask you to stay tuned to your partners in these countries so that we can have this rapprochement and more organized development," said Messina, complemented by Paul. "Speaking of the context of the Workshop, it started from the initiative of the members at the end of last year. So that we could, from it, develop prospecting efforts this year and get to know each other."

Watch the entire two-day Workshop:

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