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The National Education and Research Network (RNP) has just released the 2021 Annual Security Report. The document compiles data and statistics on vulnerabilities and incidents, information on RNP's cybersecurity projects and also has guidelines for good cybersecurity practices.

The report was developed from data obtained by the Security Incident Service Center (CAIS), which works in the detection, resolution and prevention of security incidents in the Brazilian academic network, in addition to developing, promoting and disseminating security practices in networks at RNP and other institutions linked to it. 

Almost like a second chapter of 2020, in the year 2021 the reflexes of the Covid-19 pandemic on daily activities lasted. With remote work and teaching, the demand for connectivity has brought numerous challenges to the cybersecurity area. 

Within this context, the report gathers numbers that demonstrate the reflexes of remote work on systems security. The reader will find a ranking of the main vulnerabilities of 2021, in addition to statistics of vulnerabilities and incidents in the RNP System compiled by CAIS. 

CAIS also gathered information on volumetric denial-of-service attacks, known by the acronym DDoS. This form of attack aims to take pages down, directing a large volume of traffic or requests against a system or website to congest it and make it inaccessible.

In the document, the main actions of RNP in cybersecurity during the year 2021 were also pointed out. Some highlights are actions such as the launch of NetAudit, an open source tool created by RNP to audit CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment) and the implementation of the governance in privacy process at Colégio Pedro II. 

In addition, the report also gathers data from Escola Superior de Redes on the demand for information security courses and presents a new solution created at RNP: Kloud, a container orchestration ecosystem based on Kubernetes.

Finally, CAIS also provides a guide to best practices in network security. 

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