Cefet-RJ releases application for repair of hospital equipment

- 28/05/2020


In order to meet a technological demand to combat the pandemic, a group of professors and researchers from Cefet-RJ, in campus Nova Iguaçu, developed a mobile phone application to assist healthcare units in the maintenance logistics of hospital equipment SOSTecSaúde serves as a bridge connecting healthcare units from the public and the private network to maintenance companies and technicians.

Currently, the app is used in 37 hospitals in the state of Rio de Janeiro and already there are about 300 equipment units to be repaired, since ventilators to monitors. To assure higher security and availability to the solution, Cefet-RJ requested support from RNP for cloud computer resources during the pandemic period.

How does it work?

According to Cefet-RJ, the healthcare unit registers the equipment with name, manufacturer, model, serial number, defect, and it is allocated in a database of equipment to be repaired.

On the other hand, the accredited maintenance unit views all equipment units that need repair. If the maintenance unit is interested, it undertakes the maintenance of that equipment by clocking on button “I want to repair”.

Upon demonstration of interest, the healthcare unit that owns the equipment receives a notification to accept that maintenance units for the equipment repair or not. In case the healthcare unit wants, it clicks on accept.

“Thus, from this step, the two ends are connected and shall establish the contacts in between to make the repair effective”, Guilherme Campos, professor at Cefet-RJ, project coordinator, explains.

Real-time information

The team from campus Nova Iguaçu perceived that they could meet a technological demand with the purpose to help reducing the high number of medical-hospital equipment out of operation and which are primordial in this situation.

The most relevant update was the implementation of the follow-up (status), where the healthcare and the maintenance units can verify in which phase the equipment that requires repair is.

According to Guilherme Campos, the presentation of the maintenance status of that equipment enables follow-up by the healthcare unit, making strategic planning for bed availability easier, and it also enables the unit to have real-time information about its equipment. The follow-up enables the maintenance units to detect bottlenecks, such as unavailability of parts or logistics problems.

Contact us

The SOSTecSaúde app is available for download in Google Play.

In case of doubt, contact by e-mail tecnologiasxcovid19@gmail.com.

Source: Cefet-RJ, with information from RNP.