BELLA II: RedCLARA promotes Ideathon for the Copernicus project

- 13/03/2023

In alliance with the Copernicus Program and the advanced pan-European network GÉANT, the BELLA II Program and RedCLARA will carry out the Ideathon "Copernicus Innovation Challenge" on March 21st and 22nd, bringing together experts from all over the world to develop ideas that help Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe to promote the use of Copernicus data in addressing major challenges related to risk management, environment, climate change, water and land management and food safety.

The initiative seeks to propose creative and innovative responses in four specific areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Processing, Data Access and Data Distribution, investing in the development of capacities in the collection and use of data on both continents and in the articulation between Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe to identify the best actions to effectively promote this material. In addition, promoting innovative initiatives in the region, giving visibility and maximizing the use of the infrastructure implemented under the BELLA Program.

In virtual mode, the Ideathon will feature synchronous and asynchronous sessions that will allow the development of an agenda with spaces for training and mentoring for participants - organizations and specialists whose area of expertise is related to the thematic areas of technology included in the activity - and spaces for the construction of final ideas, as well as simultaneous activities in the opening and closing sessions.

The evaluation of the final ideas will take place between the 23rd and 28th of March and will be in charge of expert juries in the themes worked on. The closing session of the event and presentation of the selected ideas will take place on March 29th.

For more information about the Ideathon “Copernicus Innovation Challenge”, its objectives and full agenda, visit

Source: RedCLARA


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