Articles accepted for WTESTBEDS 2023 are announced

The organization of the II Testbeds Workshop (WTESTBEDS), held within the framework of the Congress of the Brazilian Computing Society (CSBC 2023), released, on 05/29, the articles accepted for presentation during the event, which will be held on the 9th and 10th of August, in João Pessoa (PB).  

The selected articles are:  

#230253: Implementation and testing of "Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction" (VOLTHA) in SD-PON networks  

Authors: Luciano Martins (CPQD), Luís Riveros (CPQD), Carine Mineto (CPQD), Gustavo Correa (CPQD), Lucas Borges de Oliveira (RNP), Fernando Farias (RNP), Michelle Soares Pereira Facina (CPQD).  

 #230558: Conducting experiments for training Artificial Neural Network models in facial expression inference tasks in a Testbed environment  

Authors: Italo Melo (Federal University of Pará), Edson Costa (Federal University of Pará), Alana Medeiros (Federal University of Pará), Yomara Pires (Federal University of Pará), Saulo Silva Costa (Federal Institute of Pará) and Marcos Seruffo (Federal University of Pará)  

#230650: Experience Report of the Testbed Implementation Process for Decentralized Digital Identity Management  

Authors: Bruno Evaristo (CPQD), Ismael Avila (CPQD), Fiterlinge Sousa (Federal University of Pará), Michelle Wangham (Vale do Itajaí University), Jeffson Sousa (CPQD)  

 #230665: FABRIC Testbed from the Eyes of a Network Researcher  

Authors: Edgard Pontes (Federal University of Espirito Santo), Everson Borges (Federal Institute of Espirito Santo), Cristina Dominicini (Federal Institute of Espirito Santo), Marcos Schwarz (RNP), Moises Ribeiro (Federal University of Espirito Santo), Magnos Martinello (Federal University of Espirito Santo), Italo Brito (Florida International University), Jeronimo Aguiar Bezerra (Florida International University) 

 #230841: Deployment and Testing of Intelligent RAN Controllers in the Testbed of the OpenRAN@Brasil Project  

Authors: Paulo Branco da Silva (CPQD), João Paulo Sales Henriques Lima (CPQD), Vitalii Afanasiev (CPQD), Michelle Soares Pereira Facina (CPQD), Erika Alves (CPQD), Gustavo Correa (CPQD)  

#230879: Multidomain orchestration in the OpenRAN@Brasil testbed  

Authors: Michael Prieto Hernandez (RNP), Gustavo de Araújo (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), Lucas Borges de Oliveira (RNP), Gustavo Correa (CPQD)  

For more information, contact the organization of the workshop via email:   

About WTESTBEDS 2023 

This second edition of WTESTBEDS aims to establish a forum for dissemination and discussion with the Brazilian computing scientific community on how the use of Testbeds has contributed to enable experimentation, validation of hypotheses or prototyping of solutions within the international and national context of teaching and experimental research in ICTs. By holding the event, we seek to highlight the richness of possibilities in using these environments for experimentation and how they can contribute to enable and qualify the results of scientific research. More information here