Amapá launches virtual platform with all the state’s scientific production

- 09/04/2018

Last Friday (4/6), the Government of Amapá launched the Sacaca platform, a virtual environment designed to host all the scientific and technological production of the State in a single place. The launch took place at the University of the State of Amapá (Ueap), in Macapá. The URL for the new tool is

On the platform, one can find information on people who work or conduct research in various areas in Amapá. The tool was idealized by the State Secretariat of Science and Technology (Setec) in partnership with the Center for Management and Information Technology (Prodap) and will, initially, hold a collection of works by more than 4.6 thousand researchers in the state.

According to the Secretary of Science and Technology, Rafael Pontes, the Sacaca Platform contains information about the scientific and academic life of researchers, students, teachers, managers, technicians, and professionals related to science and technology in Amapá.

"It is an interactive platform that allows the exchange of data between companies, universities, and institutions of science, technology, and innovation. One of the goals is to create a space where science and technology can meet business demands for innovation in products and processes," stressed Pontes.

The head of Setec also pointed out that the digital tool puts Amapá in the forefront of products of this nature nationwide. "This platform will be public and accessible to other state’s institutions that wish to make use of it in their regions since it will aggregate all the knowledge acquired from research carried out in the state", said Rafael Pontes.

The environment will serve as a reference tool and aid for researchers conducting scientific or academic studies. Initially, it will host data from researchers of the Federal University of Amapá (Unifap), Ueap, the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Amapá (Ifap), the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research of Amapá (Iepa), the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) and the State Department of Education (Seed).

Source: Setec/AP

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