Alagoas Hospital conducts lectures with Web Conference service

- 25/10/2016

The Hospital Professor Alberto Antunes (HUPPA), from the Federal University of Alagoas (Ufal), is one of the telehealth units belonging to Telemedicine University Network (Rute) that intensively used the Web Conference service of RNP, to promote monthly cycles of lectures on several subjects, such as woman health, difficult to control asthma, epilepsy, cigarette smoking, evidence in the context of telehealth, among others. Since March 2015, 53 presentations were carried out with the help of the service, made possible by Mconf platform.

The virtual meetings happen on Wednesday, as of 10h a.m., and have the participation of renewed professors and researches addressing different topics in health care, making use of a language easy to understand and directed both to professionals and to the general public. The university hospital also promotes special lectures according to the month, as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) on mammography and breast cancer, and the Blue November to raise awareness about the penis and prostate cancer.

All webconferences are in real time, where participants have eye contact with the speaker, following the speeches, slides, spreadsheets and videos, and can interact more directly via chat or webcam. At the end of the presentations, all participants of virtual meetings receive certificate.

According to Rosaline Mota, head of telehealth unit of HUPAA, the experience with Web Conference service platform showed to be effective for sharing and disseminating multidisciplinary knowledge in the health field. “Throughout more than a year and a half using Mconf, we already have about 2,100 participations, reaching up to 73 individuals connected in a webconference”, she says.

This RNP service allows remote team interaction in real time, simply, using a computer or mobile device. It is necessary to have a browser installed, headset and internet connection to organize and hold meetings with advanced speeches of communication and support. With Mconf platform, the service was improved, with possibility of a greater number of meeting rooms and users simultaneously connected.

To watch lecture cycles of telehealth unit of HUPAA, please access: If it is not possible to participate in real time, the entire content is available in the telehealth unit channel on YouTube.

Photo: HUPAA/Ufal.