Monitoring and Assessment Committee

Established by an act of the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Monitoring and Assessment Committee (CAA) provides six-monthly monitoring and annual assessment of the results achieved with the execution of the Management Agreement. CAA receives operational support and technical assistance for its meetings and work from the General Coordination of Social Organizations (COS) related to the Sub-Department of Related Units.

Members of the CAA - Ordinance SEXEC/MCTI No. 1,434, of December 19, 2022

  • Altigran Soares da Silva¹ (expert) *
  • Antônio Jorge Gomes Abelém (expert) *
  • Edmundo Albuquerque de Souza e Silva (expert) *
  • Flávio Rech Wagner, expert (Chairman of the Commission) *
  • Marcelo Knorich Zuffo (expert)
  • Ronaldo Alves Ferreira¹ (expert) *
  • Cezar Luciano Cavalcanti de Oliveira (MCTI representative, holder)
  • Delson Pereira da Silva (MEC representative, holder)
  • Marcus Vinicius Galletti Arrais (MCOM representative, holder) *
  • Sheila Maria Reis Ribeiro (ME representative, holder) *
  • Leonardo de Sousa Freitas (MCTI representative, alternate)
  • Danyela de Oliveira Félix (ME representative, alternate)
  • Bruno Correa Miranda (MEC representative, alternate, currently being appointed by decree) *
  • Pedro Lucas da Cruz Pereira Araújo (MCOM representative, alternate)