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NasNuvens is a web environment for use and management of services offered by RNP and its partners. First, some of the federated services of RNP itself will be offered, such as edudrive@RNP, ConferênciaWeb, Compute and Filesender, in addition to communication tools and collaboration by providers known on the market, such as Office 365 for Education by Microsoft and Gsuite for Education by Google.


Why do I need NasNuvens?

The purpose of NasNuvens is to simplify and expand the offer of services for the education and research institutions through a consumption-based model. Its web interface enables meeting the needs of ICT managers, researchers, professors and graduate students to what refers to access and management of the available services, all in unique, easily accessible and secure platform. The differential of the NasNuvens concept is the use of the Design Thinking approach, combined with agile methodologies that put the end user at the center of the process and create solutions collaboratively.



NasNuvens gathers useful services and solutions for the clients' daily use in single place, in addition to:

•    Offering a dashboard with indicators of service use and solutions for the institution to the IT manager;
•    Consolidating all services available to the users in the Workspace;
•    Simplifying the process of acquisition of service offers, reducing the complexity to evaluate and negotiate with different providers.
•    Providing integrated and specialized support.



Take NasNuvens to your institution

For further information about NasNuvens membership or support, contact RNP Service Desk or complete the form.

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