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Why do I need CAFe?

The federation is one of the trends in the way to offer and access services on the internet. In the Brazilian academic context, it is also a concrete reality whose benefit is available to more than two hundred universities and research institutes. 



•    Users use login and password of their institution to access different services; 
•    Institutions can provide web services with no need to administer user accounts; 
•    Alignment with a worldwide trend of authentication and authorization. 



How to join CAFe?

Most public universities in Brazil are already at CAFe. Check the list of client institutions to see whether the benefit is already available to your institution. If your institution is not on this list, the membership request shall be made by the IT manager through the Service Desk. 
An educational and research institution in Brazil may join CAFe as an identity provider. In this modality, after completing the technical approval process, the benefits of CAFe become available to its users. However, it shall be pointed out that not all web services provide free and automatic service to all CAFe institutions. Often, a negotiation between the education and research institution and the one providing the service is necessary. Check the list of available services to see whether access to given service is free of charge or not.