Get access to different services through the unique login of your institution.


See the CAFe Federation

The Federated Academic Community (CAFe) is a service that corresponds to an identity management federation, whose primary purpose is to facilitate provision of and access to web services.

In an identity management federation, the users access web services from many different locations using the login and password of their own institution. 


Where can I use CAFe?

The users use CAFe federation whenever they access a web service of or made available by RNP at the time they log in with their login and password. 


How to access?

Whenever a user accesses web service of RNP (or provided by RNP) that asks for the name of their institution of origin, CAFe is already accessed. 
Upon indication of the institution of origin, authentication is redirected to this institution of origin, which then informs whether or not the user is qualified to proceed. 


Take CAFe to your institution

Most public universities in Brazil are already in CAFe. Check the list of client institutions to see whether the benefit is already available to your institution. If your institution is not on this list, the IT manager shall send a request to adhere.

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