Experience new network architectures and applications in a large-scale distributed cyber infrastructure.

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Test your applications in a real environment

Fiber is a testbed that works as a large-scale virtual laboratory for the development of new applications and architectures. One of its differentials is that it enables selection of virtual network topologies. 

The platform is open to any student, researcher, or developer interested in running geographically distributed experiments, especially for computer students, who want access a real experimentation environment. 


Geographically distributed large-scale infrastructure


Possibility to access physical equipment


Isolated and dedicated communication network with customizable topology


Where can I use Fiber?

Fiber is formed by a federation of experiment isles, housed in several Brazilian universities and research institutions. The platform is available remotely to any university, institution or company in Brazil or Latin America interested in contributing to the evolution of the internet. 

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How to access?

To gain access to the test platform and start your experiments, you have to request an account to the Fiber portal.

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