Science DMZ

Perform large data transfers in an optimized network environment.


Speed scientific research up

The use of adequate transfer tools associated with an infrastructure, such as Scientific DMZ contributes significantly to the transfer performance that serve the e-Science scientific applications.

The initial proposal was developed by the Energy Sciences Network - ESnet and consists of creation of a specific segment in a campus network, designed to accommodate the different demands of scientific application data transfers.



One of the main benefits of this architecture is the optimization of large volume data flow transfers by long-distance networks. In addition, as the infrastructure of DMZ Scientific is segregated from the production network of the institution, the architecture also enables testing new technologies that automate and offer differentiated network services, enhancing the use of the network for users with specific demands.


How to take Science DMZ to my institution?

To assist IT managers at institutions that host research laboratories or computer centers that demand improvements in network performance, RNP has released a guide that instructs these professionals.

Access the DMZ Scientific Guide