Veredas Novas

The Veredas Novas program aims to connect, at high speed, all college campuses and public technological institutes within the countryside. The seats of the institutions are connected at 1 Gb/s and the other campuses, at 100 Mb/s at least.

In order to achieve this goal, the program has the technical cooperation of partners, such as the state information technology companies, telecommunications operators and dozens of local and regional internet providers.

One of the states in which a great capillarity of the network at high speed has been achieved is Ceará, thanks to a joint effort with company Empresas de Tecnologia de Informação do Ceará (Etice). With such partnership, the state now has all 34 campuses of its public institutions in the inlands connected at 100 Mb/s at least.

From 2015 on, RNP charted a new front to expand the program with the National Council of State Secretaries for Science, Technology and Innovation Affairs (Consecti). The intention is to create metropolitan networks in localities in the inlands of each state and connect them to the capital through optical transport networks, to serve state and federal public education and research institutions.

Bahia is one of the first states in the new front of the program, which was named Veredas Novas Estaduais. Led by the State Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Secti-BA), a steering committee was established to discuss the expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure in the region.

The Veredas Novas program is a joint initiative of RNP and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Ministry of Communications (MC), and has the support of the National Association of Directors of Higher Education Federal Institutions (Andifes) and the National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network of Vocational, Science and Technology Education (Conif).