The Public Key Infrastructure for Education and Research (AC ICPEdu) is the digital certification service offered by RNP, which provides ready infrastructure for issuing digital certificates and security keys.

Get to know some applicability service:

  • Digital signature;
  • Secrecy;
  • Authentication;
  • Protection of Internet transactions (HTTPS);
  • Public keys issuance;
  • Digital certificates issuance (People and Services);
  • Credibility in the administrative proceedings.

Studies were initiated in 2003 and developed by the organization Working Groups. Four years later, ICPEdu was launched on a trial basis, involving a small number of institutions. In 2010, after setting and structuring it as a production service, it became a part of RNP Service Catalogue, helping the Federal Institutions of Higher Education (IFES), Research Units (PUs) and other educational and research institutions.

In 2014, its first major restructuring started. ICPEdu became a large group of certification services, which have their own accession processes, this way an institution may adhere to only one of the types or all of them.

The service is split into five types:

Corporate Certificate
Institutional Certificate
ICPEDU Infra Certificate
ICPEdu Person Certificate
PGP Server

Identity Management Advisory and Technical Committees

The Identity Management Advisory Committee was created in March 2011, to:

  • Approve the managerial reports of ICPEdu and CAFe services;
  • Accredit and disqualify affiliated institutions;
  • Define the use policies documents and assessment terms;
  • Ensure the proper operation of services, ensuring the credibility and quality of the;
  • Promote and divulge the use of the services;
  • Mark the prioritization of projects and / or improvements to be implemented;
  • Request audit of affiliates, to verify the adequacy and use policy.

The Identity Management Technical Committee is comprised by researchers of the area, representatives from the Services area and ICPEdu’s operational groups, with the ultimate goal for the theme’s technological prospecting and support to the Advisory Committee and its functions.